Business or Pleasure?

From formal to casual, and everything in between.

Head shot styles

First, ask yourself what you are using your head shot for. I will guide you to get the perfect style. Many adults haven't had their picture taken since High School or their wedding, and they are nervous about what to do. Don't worry! I will pose you to look your best. I take several shots with different expressions to find the best look for each individual.

Tips for getting your head shots taken:
  • Men, freshly shaved.
  • Make-up should be classic. Stick to neutral shades, not too bright.
  • Jewelry should be timeless and subtle.
  • Style hair like you would for fancy event, or use a professional salon.
  • Wardrobe choices matter. Pick colors that go well with your skin tone. 
  • Long sleeves are slimming.
  • Darker colors are more slimming. 
  • Remove all Fitbit or Garmin sports watches.
  • Glasses – on or off? Consider frames without lenses to prevent glass glare.


Ideal for: Resume, LinkedIn, Professional Publications.


Ideal for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, websites, avatars.


Side by side comparison. Retouching includes correcting for color, blemishes, shine, age spots, acne, and softening of fine lines. Additional requests considered, limitations apply. Examples: removal of moles, removal of tattoos, teeth corrections, glass glare, double chin reduction. etc.